"...efficiently addresses the complexities of employment eligibility requirements."


What is I-9 Compliance?

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Current and Pending Federal and State Requirements

Find federal legislation and a map view of current and pending state legislation:

Why Comply?

Don't Risk Fines or Potential Imprisonment

Simplify Compliance with Our Web-Based Solution

Wizard Based Form Completion

  • Walks you through the employment eligibility verification process(s) step by step
  • Virtually eliminates errors
  • Makes everyone an employment eligibility specialist
  • Standardizes Form I-9 procedures and process
  • Automatically generates tentative non-conformation documentation

Complete Audit Log

  • Searchable log that records all actions taken related to the employment eligibility verification process
  • Trace your steps!

Dashboard Notification of Expiring Worker Documentation

  • Keep the various forms of employment eligibility verification allowed, up to date

Digital .PDF Storage and Retrieval of Form I-9

  • Reduce paper
  • Searchable electronic storage of employment eligibility verifications
  • Retroactive storage of paper Form I-9 available

Pre-Integration with E-Verify, Designated E-Verify Agent

  • Returns instant employment eligibility verifications, securely from DHS

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  • Tiered Permission Levels
  • Digital Storage and Retrieval of Documentation
  • Auto Notification of Expiring Documentation
  • Auto Purging of Terminated Worker's Documentation
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  • 24-7 Web Based Software
  • HRxml Compliant
  • 128 Bit SSL Encryption
  • Digital Storage in .PDF Form
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  • Reduce Paper
  • Virtually Eliminates Errors
  • Makes Everyone An I-9 Specialist
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