I-9 Tip #4: Understand I-9 Regulations to Prevent Employment Discrimination

by Vanessa Ridden November 7, 2011
So far in this series of tips to avoid common I-9 mistakes, we’ve talked about the timeframe for completing the Form I-9, how long employers should retain I-9 records and when the reverification process should be performed. Next, we’re turning our attention to a topic that is equally as important: discrimination. Tip #4: Understand the rules regarding employment discrimination. The I-9 compliance process can be complicated, and it’s important to understand the rules in orde... [More]

I-9 Tip #3: Don’t Miss Deadlines--Create an I-9 Reverification System

by Blake Forrester November 7, 2011
Third in our series of tips to avoid common I-9 mistakes is some helpful advice about the reverification process. A lot of employers aren’t exactly sure when reverification must be completed, or which employees must be reverified. Tip #3: Create a Reverification System. It’s a good idea to establish a system that will remind you to reverify employees whose work authorizations are expiring—this must be done before the expiration date in order to maintain I-9 compliance. An ... [More]

I-9 Tip #2: Retain your I-9 records to avoid costly violations

by Tanya Eislle November 7, 2011
We’re continuing our series about common I-9 mistakes with a tip that focuses on record-keeping—specifically, how long employee I=9 forms should be retained. Managing employee documentation and I-9 forms is an important part of the compliance process, but many employers are confused about how long they should retain employee records and if it’s acceptable to discard records after an employee no longer works for the company. Tip #2: Retain your I-9 records. So how long are y... [More]

I-9 Tip #1: Avoid costly violations--complete your I-9 paperwork on time

by Blake Forrester November 2, 2011
There’s no question about it—trying to maintain I-9 compliance and staying up-to-date on new rules and regulations can seem pretty overwhelming. Even the most seasoned staffing professionals will tell you that avoiding I-9 violations requires meticulous management of your hiring and record-keeping processes. So what are the most common I-9 mistakes? We surveyed a group of prominent attorneys who serve in the fields of immigration and employment and asked that very question. In thi... [More]

Be Diligent in Following Employment Eligibility Verification Procedures

by Blake Forrester September 23, 2011
Avoid Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (EEV) mistakes by carefully following all of the applicable rules, regulations and laws. The Department of Homeland Security is cracking down on errors and mistakes in order to prevent fraud. No business wants to be visited by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials investigating violations of American law - so be prudent in faithfully following the procedures. Imprisonment and/or Fines for Fraud The United States requires emplo... [More]
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