E-Verify To Add Self-Check System for Workers?

by Staff Writer December 16, 2009

As reported by the Washington Times, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) could possibly plan to add a self-check system so workers can pre-screen themselves with E-Verify, the electronic database used on a voluntary basis by some employers to screen the employment eligibility of their prospective employees.

E-Verify, which allows employers to check Social Security numbers of prospective employees to see if they were eligible to work, remains a strong tool to help make sure jobs go to citizens and legal immigrants and enables employers to ensure a lawful work force that complies with employment eligibility verification laws, the Times reports.

The move to self-checking would put power in the hands of workers to make sure of their status with E-Verify before applying for new jobs, the Times reports, and more than 170,000 employers are already signed up to use the E-Verify system since some states made its use mandatory while others required state contractors to use E-Verify. The federal government requires contractors to check both new hires and all employees who are working on federal contracts with E-Verify.

The Times reports that nearly 97 percent of all workers are approved automatically by E-Verify, while the rest are allowed to contest a non-confirmation, with only three-tenths of a percent of those checked successfully contest a non-confirmation. The self-check system would cut down on the need for contested non-confirmations.

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