Are you I-9 compliant?

In many companies, it can be frustrating being responsible for form I-9 compliance, with changing laws and regulations, HR professionals are often buried in a mountain of I-9 forms and related documents. Completing paper forms comes with the risks of improperly filled out or even lost forms, making the fears of an ICE audit and fines a reality for many organizations. is an electronic I-9 management system which enables paperless signing, management and storage of I-9 records and related documents. Our built-in controls allow for greater consistency and efficiencies in form completion along with seamless integration with E-Verify.

With you can count on

  • Consistency and legibility in competed forms.
  • Wizard based process that does not allow forms to be entered with missing or incorrect information.
  • Automated prompts that remind administrators of upcoming re-verifications, completion deadlines or notifications from the DHS/SSA.
  • Quickly Spot check or audit by any authorized administrator with an audit trail that includes any modifications made and who made them. guides HR managers through every step of the process and prompts them to make corrections at the time the errors occur. Our dashboard allows visibility into your organization at multiple levels, allowing executives to view an overview of their form i-9 notices or allowing managers to use the dashboard as their own personal notification center for on-time completion of all actions.

Contact us today for more information on how can be part of your I-9 process and how our automated I-9 solution can assist your organization in eliminating errors and empowering your HR managers with 1-click access to audit trails, real time dashboards, robust reporting tools and automatic submission to E-Verify.

I-9 Webinar

Title: E-Verify & Federal Contractors: Know The Facts

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Maintain full I-9/E-Verify compliance
  • Reduce liability & eliminate errors
  • Ensure a legal workforce
  • Avoid audits that can lead to fines, penalties and jail

Office Guy

Key Features include

Electronic Signatures
Digital storage and retention of paper and electronic i-9’s
Multi-Tiered company and user levels
Quality control prompts
Easy to Locate i-9 records
Tickler System for expiring work authorization and section 3 support
Seamless Integration with E-verify
Comprehensive Data Security
Robust Audit Trail, digitally available at any time
Management Reports
I-9 Shuttle and I-9 Kiosk Mode
Duplicate Detection
Seamless Integrations with HRIS systems
Online training mode to reduce training burden