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I-9 Compliance. Simplified.

In many companies, it can be frustrating being responsible for I-9 compliance. With changing laws and regulations, HR professionals are often buried in a mountain of I-9 forms and related documents. Completing paper forms comes with the risks of improperly filled out or even lost forms, making the fears of an ICE audit and fines a reality for many organizations.

I-9Compliance.com is an electronic I-9 management system which enables paperless signing, management and storage of I-9 records and related documents. Our built-in controls allow for greater consistency and efficiencies in form completion along with seamless integration with E-Verify.

I-9Compliance.com guides HR managers through every step of the process and prompts them to make corrections at the time errors occur. Our dashboard allows visibility into your organization at multiple levels, allowing executives to view an overview of their form I-9 notices or allowing managers to use the dashboard as their own personal notification center for on-time completion of all actions.

Innovative Technology. Reduced Errors.

Save money and training time while eliminating errors due to unfamiliarity with the I-9 process. Our wizard-based I-9 software completion tool enables you to quickly become a form I-9 expert.

Web-Based And Worry Free

Web-based I-9 compliance software gives you 24/7 access with no onsite software to install or maintain. Tiered permission levels by user, location, and organization allow increased visibility and security. As a federally designated E-Verify agent, our software comes pre-integrated with the United States Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system providing robust security and real time results.

I-9Compliance.com utilizes a wizard-based I-9 compliance software completion tool enabling individuals to quickly become form I-9 experts. Save your business money and training time while eliminating errors due to unfamiliarity with the I-9 process.

When used in conjunction with other HR services from Pre-employ.com, our I-9 compliance service can be added for little or, often times, no additional cost at all.


No software to install or update, 24/7 access from any location.

Guided Navigation

Makes anyone an I-9 expert, standardizing the process.


Robust Security

Industry best practices protection built in.


E-Verify Designated Agent

Pre-integrated with DHS’s E-Verify system.


Digital Storage

PDF format makes documentation storage and audits a breeze.

Keep The Law On Your Side

All employers are are subject to I-9 inspections, regardless of industry, workforce, or size. If you are found to be in violation, penalties include fines, debarment, and even criminal indictment.

Avoid Penalties

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is not only targeting employers, but is also holding individual executives, managers, and former managers accountable for hiring illegal workers. Non-compliance can result in fines anywhere from $110 to $16,000 per violation, and forfeiture of the company’s assets.

Depending on the company, self audit statistics show I-9 compliance errors in 10% to 40% of currently maintained forms. With ICE aggressively checking that businesses are fully compliant, it’s just not worth rolling the dice and hoping your organization will pass inspection.

By choosing I-9Compliance.com’s online software solution, your business can quickly eliminate concerns and put all the information you need to avoid penalties right at your fingertips.

Maximum fine for "knowingly hire and continuing to employ" violations.

Maximum fine for Form I-9 compliance violations.

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