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Top FAQ Answers for Interim Changes to the I-9 Guidelines

The challenges presented by the current global health crisis has employers scrambling to help employees shift from the physical workplace to a virtual office environment. This process has brought a sharp focus on the difficulties of meeting employment verification standards set out by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...

What Is an I-9 Form For Employment

What Is an I-9 Form For Employment?

An I-9 Form is a document required for work authorization to prove an individual is legally eligible for employment in the United States. Form I-9, officially named Employment Eligibility Verification, is legally required by the Immigration Reform...

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What Triggers an I-9 Audit

What Triggers an I-9 Audit?

In 1986, Congress passed The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), making it illegal for U.S. employers to hire workers that do not have the legal authority to work in our nation. To verify an employee’s ability to work here legally, hiring...

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Why You Need An Online I-9 Compliance Service

Why You Need An Online I-9 Compliance Service I-9 compliance requires a focus on details, a dedicated organizational system, and the time to track and maintain your records to remain compliant. All of these steps help keep your company from receiving...

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Common I-9 Myths You Need To Know

Common I-9 Myths You Need To Know The government places a lot of responsibilities on an employer’s plate, but the regulations around Form I-9 compliance is on the top of the list. This vital documentation verifies that employees have the right...

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