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Top FAQ Answers for Interim Changes to the I-9 Guidelines

The challenges presented by the current global health crisis has employers scrambling to help employees shift from the physical workplace to a virtual office environment. This process has brought a sharp focus on the difficulties of meeting employment verification standards set out by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...


Why You Need An Online I-9 Compliance Service

Why You Need An Online I-9 Compliance Service I-9 compliance requires a focus on details, a dedicated organizational system, and the time to track and maintain your records to remain compliant. All of these steps help keep your company from receiving...

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Common I-9 Myths You Need To Know

Common I-9 Myths You Need To Know The government places a lot of responsibilities on an employer’s plate, but the regulations around Form I-9 compliance is on the top of the list. This vital documentation verifies that employees have the right...

Continue reading is an electronic I-9 management system which enables paperless signing, management, and storage of I-9 records and related documents.

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