E-Verify NextGen May Remove Redundant Data Entry Steps

E-Verify NextGen May Remove Redundant Data Entry Steps
October 11, 2023

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently announced its intention to combine the E-Verify and Employment Eligibility Verification process (Form I-9). This combination will culminate as the upcoming E-Verify NextGen to simplify the process. Currently, employers must complete Form I-9 before entering that information into the E-Verify system.

The need to enter redundant information into the E-Verify system can result in data entry errors. As such, the USCIS aims to eliminate this issue with a new internet-based service. According to the USCIS, this service would integrate the Form I-9 and E-Verify processes into a single cohesive process.

When a mismatch occurs in the current E-Verify system, the burden of resolving the issues falls primarily on the employer. As a result, an employee may not hear about the mismatch while the employer addresses the issue. This delay often leads to non-confirmations and ends with employees losing their jobs.

Under the proposed NextGen system, employees will play a crucial role, allowing them to correct errors themselves. The USCIS explained that employees would input personal information directly into a secure myE-Verify account. This change enables them to ensure that the biographical details and citizenship or immigration statuses are correct. Furthermore, they can provide identity and work authorization documentation through the system for their employer to verify.

This process reduces the likelihood of data entry errors. Should a mismatch happen, the employees will receive the notification and can immediately settle the issue. This direct involvement allows them to work directly with the government, eliminating the middleman who could delay the process. Once resolved, the employee will receive a verification response that they can provide to future employers.

E-Verify NextGen will not immediately replace the existing E-Verify system. As such, employers will continue to be able to use the standard version if they choose. The E-Verify NextGen program is set for an incremental release throughout 2024, meaning employers should watch for their chance to use the new process.

This simplification to the employment eligibility verification process will be welcome news to many employers. However, it remains crucial to focus on compliance, especially with Form I-9s. This process has proven challenging due to complex documentation and reverification requirements. Furthermore, the process is constantly evolving, further complicating matters. 

One way to stay ahead is by using an electronic I-9 management system with the optional E-Verify integration. This system ensures compliance by providing step-by-step guidance, secure storage, and notifications for when to take action.

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