Florida Government Demands Organizations Provide Proof of E-Verify Compliance

December 28, 2022

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) sent letters to six companies requesting documentation. These letters require the companies to furnish documentation that proves they comply with Florida’s E-Verify Law.

E-Verify is a web-based program that employers can use to electronically confirm their employees’ authorization to work in the United States. To use the system, employers create cases using information obtained from employees’ Form I-9s. Once created, E-Verify will electronically check the provided information with records in the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases. After the program verifies everything, it will inform the employer whether the investigated employees may work in the US. Otherwise, the employer will receive a notice that the employee must take additional action to complete the case.

The state is requiring the companies they contacted to provide a signed affidavit stating that:

  • The company has dismissed any unauthorized aliens employed in the state of Florida.
  • The company will not purposely hire any unauthorized aliens in the state of Florida.
  • The company will fully comply with section 448.095(3)(b), Florida Statutes.

The companies must provide the affidavit within thirty days of receiving the letter. Otherwise, the companies could have their licenses to operate in the state of Florida suspended.

Florida requires that all private employers verify an applicant’s employment eligibility after making an offer of employment. Companies can establish employment eligibility (Form I-9) by using E-Verify or having the applicant present the documentation required to complete Form I-9.

Florida statutes permit certain persons or entities to request that a private employer provide copies of the documentation used to verify an individual’s employment eligibility. Furthermore, the employer must provide it. These entities and people include the Attorney General, the state attorney, the statewide prosecutor, and the Department of Law Enforcement.

With increasing enforcement activity on both a state and federal level, employers must ensure they comply with Form I-9 and E-verify requirements. The best way to ensure compliance is by incorporating an electronic I-9 management tool into the hiring process. This tool can guide employers through every step. It also provides safe and easy-to-use electronic storage of forms and documentation.

When it comes to your employees, automation makes eligibility verification quick and simple. Ensure compliance today with I-9 Compliance.